As I hope you have come to expect, Sunday is our day to explore what new and exciting things are happening with Saelos, the open source CRM. Last week we looked at download counts and stability statistics as we get closer to a stable release candidate. This week rather than exploring some of the numbers surrounding Saelos I want to talk to you a bit about something new from a design perspective and what we're focusing on for our next release.

If a picture is worth a thousand words...

Then what is a moving picture worth? Take a peek at the graphic below to see the exciting new notifications element in action.

What we're creating is something classic, something familiar, and something truly groundbreaking. We're creating three things in one. Not an easy task, and particularly challenging when our desire is minimalist and a clean, simple user experience. Don't be fooled, there is nothing simple about creating something minimal.

  • Classic: Notifications have existed in software systems in some form or fashion since almost the very beginning of their creation. They provide a way for the system to notify the user of important information.
  • Familiar: We also recognized that in-app notifications on the web are something most modern systems have by default and we wanted to ensure that we provided these notifications in a way users were familiar with and comfortable seeing.
  • Groundbreaking: But of course we couldn't stop by simply creating the same classic and familiar notifications as everyone else. Saelos is focused on revolutionizing the sales and CRM industry. We saw notifications as one simple way to do things better.

Groundbreaking notifications

I'd like to take moment and expand on the final point "Groundbreaking" in the list above. With Saelos we wanted to identify a way for notifications to be better, more powerful, more useful. As a result we spent significant amounts of time analyzing and observing how current systems worked as well as what functionality would be most helpful (and intuitive) for users as well.

Why we believe notifications

  1. We believe notifications should be informative not intrusive because we shouldn't be disrupted or interrupted from the tasks we're working on. Every unnecessary distraction we prevent makes our minds better.
  2. We believe notifications should provide single-click access direct to the specific, relevant, items. We believe our time is valuable and our single biggest resource, and we don't want to waste it.
  3. We believe knowledge is power. More than just knowledge, this knowledge must be at the right time, and instantaneously. This is actionable, powerful, knowledge

Here's how we use those beliefs:

We've created instant, non-disruptive notifications, in real-time, with the right information. We are empowering sales teams to both know more and do more.

The next step for Saelos

I'm sure many of you are wondering (or better said, watching) with eager anticipation for the next release which brings us one step closer to a stable release. I share that excitement but want to caution you at the same time. We are building something not only to compete with and improve upon existing CRM systems, but we are building something meant to endure. And as much as I hate the expression, "good things come to those who wait...", this is one of those moments.

To be more specific, there is a short list of tasks and outstanding items that need to be finished before we can confidently release a Saelos 1.0 Release Candidate. Here's what I see remaining:

  • Languages and accessibility
  • Phone extensions
  • Inbound message handling
  • View exporting (Reporting)
  • Integration support
  • Documentation

Sounds simple right? I told you it was a short list. But it's still a list of things to be accomplished and then tested prior to being released.
If you see one of the above and you're interested in helping out to get things completed faster, please let me know! We could absolutely use your help.