I know there's been at least a dozen times (and that's being highly conservative) when I have mentioned the value of listening. There is an almost infinite amount of thoughts and ideas I have around the value and importance of listening and I guarantee you that would only scratch the surface of the issue. It blows my mind how hard of a concept "listening" is to not just understand but to practice.

But as I was watching some show on Netflix last night (doesn't really matter what the specific show was as this same problem pops up in just about every sitcom, ever.) So many problems would be solved and so much confusion would be eliminated if the characters simply talked to the others and told them what they knew.

Of course as the viewer we have a certain omniscience about the situations and the feelings of each character and this affords us a level of scrutiny not available to those who are "in the situation" but there is still an overwhelming number of opportunities where if the characters would just tell their friends everything which they had experienced the entire relationship would be improved.  I recognize this omission of information is critical to build tension and expand major plot points. But even still, these shows portray "real life." Each seeks to emulate a believable situation to better relate to their audience.  Therefore, even in the hyperbolic realms of a contrived scene, we find a nugget of truth.

Talk to those closest to you. Share what you've experienced. In doing so it might just be possible to grow your relationships and potentially minimize your unnecessarily painful tropes.