I've been doing a lot of coding and a lot of reading lately (I hinted to this in a previous post). As a result I need to apologize for not posting as frequently as I would prefer to post. Today's is just a short thought as well. One of the books I just finished (so you know that means you can expect to hear about it Friday) was on the subject of originality and creativity. The idea of a solitary, lone genius working in a vacuum to create something revolutionary is a wrong idea. This misguided belief is prevalent and pervasive and also completely false.

Shortly after finishing that book I had a meeting where this thought was reinforced in a very relevant and direct way. The ideas were flying and the creativity in the room was high. It was an incredibly fun and motivating time. Some people refer to these sessions as brainstorming, or riffing, but regardless what you call them I can personally attest to the immense value and creativity which can start in those meetings. That's a key emphasis. Start.

There are a few other thoughts which surface as a result of that interaction but I won't take the time to share those with you here. Instead I'll merely allude to the idea that the great idea may not come during one of those meetings directly, in fact the ideas generated may be completely and totally wrong. But they can spark something inside you which could grow into something unique, creative, and useful.