Unique landing pages and email templates are incredibly popular and critically important to most businesses. These are ways for the business to make an impression with their audience that stands out. They want to create a look that is specifically their own. And they want to make sure their brand is represented across all of their marketing efforts. Whether it’s a landing page, or email and form, or even something as simple as a notification Mautic wants to make that seamless with the rest of the brand.

Mautic has always been acutely interested in creating a platform that allows each marketer and each business the opportunity to create their brand experience across all their digital media.

From the very beginning of Mautic we created a way for there to be an infinite number of custom themes within Mautic. These themes included all of the elements I listed above. We wanted the marketer to have complete control over the entire marketing outreach; regardless of channel. This meant creating a way for marketers to use their own themes. And a way for developers and others to create additional themes and add them to Mautic .

Extending that even further there’s an opportunity in the future for community to create and then share their theme packs. This concept is nothing new to anyone coming from an open source community in the past (content management systems such as Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla are notorious for their plugin systems and marketplaces). In Mautic we do things a bit differently since these theme packs offer more than a website theme or template. But the underlying principle remains the same.

The creation of this marketplace is the topic for another blog post which I’ll publish in the near future (hint: we’re getting things ready and we need your help!) For now I want to turn our attention back to themes and share with you some exciting news.

In the 2.12 release of Mautic we are including additional core themes. Keep in mind that usually themes are added to core only once in a great while. And this will be the case for Mautic in the future too, however, 2.12 is a special release. Since we have not yet launched our marketplace and there are so many using Mautic (Over 100,000 now using Mautic) we wanted to make sure we had incredible default themes available for everyone use. And we wanted to improve on the ones that were already existing in core. I’m so excited to announce that we will be including not just one theme, but four new themes in Mautic 2.12.

I won’t keep you waiting any longer, below are a few screenshots of those themes. But first here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Every theme is fully responsive and works on all device types
  • Every theme includes layout and design for emails, forms, and messages
  • Every theme is completely customizable
  • And lastly: Every theme is completely free and available for immediate use

And now, check out these new themes:


These are some beautiful, responsive Mautic themes. Marketers will be able to take these four highly flexible and customizable themes to build a unique and special digital experience. I couldn’t be more pleased with these themes and I am thrilled to see them included in Mautic 2.12.

I’d like to offer a very special note of thanks to GaberNeighbor · GitHub for his time and creativity with these themes. And this gives me the chance to encourage others to do the same. Mautic is a great way for designers and developers to share their creative talent. Themes in Mautic are seen and used by over 100,000 businesses. Creating themes is an exciting way to get involved in Mautic.

If you’re interested in getting involved in this way be sure to check out the Mautic #design slack channel and read the Mautic Developer Documentation for other helpful theme creation resources.