We hear a lot of talk these days about dark patterns, on the web, in apps, in UI and design. If you're not familiar with the concept, here's a quick example:

Dark patterns take a variety of forms and the example above is considered "Confirmshaming" - notice the "No thanks" option? There are several different types of dark patterns and thankfully they are becoming more and more recognized by users and the companies who employ them are being called out for their bad behavior.  You can see a full list of types here:

But I think it's one thing to recognize and correct bad behavior. It's a completely different thing to offer examples and suggestions for good behavior. I think we should take a more positive approach towards recognizing and offering good examples. In addition, maybe we should also start praising those who embrace light patterns. And maybe we should start to reward the companies who choose a user-centric, helpful and informative approach to their users. Wouldn't the result be a better environment for everyone?