This is a bonus Saelos mid-week post, but that's because I need your help and I need it urgently! I'm doing a quick feedback loop about CRM platforms and I realized there's no better audience than my personal network of friends and followers. I need your ideas, your thoughts, and maybe most importantly...your complaints!

That's right, this is a free pass to gripe, complain, and whine about the shortcomings, faults, and flaws of your current software. You know your friends and co-workers usually don't want to hear about the problems you're having (we all have plenty of our own). But today is your day, and this moment is your moment. Unload on me. Share your ideas, thoughts, and problems. I'm listening!

Okay, okay, that's all you get. No more moaning and groaning, get back to your day and keep your chin-up, your feedback has been heard and you may soon have answers to your problems!