The idea of ‘hustle' when it comes to startups is one that is frequently discussed and rarely seen. Startups that don’t have a hustle mindset will either meander along their path at a mediocre pace until they are no longer a “startup” and have entered the slog of mid-business or they will fizzle and die. For most startup founders neither of these outcomes is a success. As a result most startup founders have an innate sense of ‘hustle’ and what it means. It’s unique, and it’s different, and it’s surprisingly hard to manufacture in others. New talent hired to fill roles within a startup have a low probability of holding this ‘hustle’ mentality. That’s not to say it’s an impossibility, but it is rare. If you’re a hustler you know what I mean. If you aren’t - you may never understand. For those hustlers, don’t give up. Keep looking, keep hiring, keep finding those people with the spark in their eye and the fire in their gut. Hustle is a thing and when you have a startup filled with hustlers you had better be ready, big things are going to happen!