I just discovered something which has apparently been around a little while. The concept is specific geolocation based on 3x3 meter squares and 3 word assignments. As I have learned, this is the thesis behind what3words.com which has mapped the entire planet in a 3x3 meter grid and then assigned each a 3 word "name". This level of specificity on a global scale is mind-blowing and has use-cases in a surfeit of applications.

If you're thinking what I thought at first...what about other languages besides English, then you'll be interested to hear this team has created this nomenclature in 14 languages and growing all the time.

I can tell you personally this has tremendous opportunity to provide real value in so many instances. Even down to the simplicity of where to meet someone to watch the Boston fireworks. Or, where to gather the next time you're lost in Fenway park.

You can take a look at the map and find your address here: https://map.what3words.com - or the next time you're in my little town outside Boston and want to grab a coffee you can say, I'll see you at glass.venue.smiles