Here's a quick thought which struck me this morning as I continue on my week-long conference in San Francisco. I fully recognize the time and effort required to build a demo for a presentation. I also realize there is value in repetition and there is the very real chance that many in the audience have not seen a particular presentation.

But at some point the reuse of the same content in multiple presentations tends to make the delivery polished but the demo stale. I would suggest a better solution is to create multiple similar yet different demonstrations. By doing this you can more than likely re-purpose a good bit of the underlying infrastructure while still creating a new and fresh demo experience for the audience. The story stays the same but the appearance can be varied.

As I've been learning more and more recently there is incredible value in the familiarity and the new. Creating a balanced mix of both is the best solution to grab the audience attention while not overworking the setup behind the scenes. This approach allows you to work smarter not harder as a presenter.

There's value in exclusivity. There's worth in a unique experience. Take the time to be thoughtful about each presentation, how it's delivered and what content is re-purposed.