The other day (actually several days ago now) I was using a popular ride-sharing service and noticed the driver had just left my location at the airport when I requested a ride. I watched as his car turned around on my screen and made its way back to me. When I got in after exchanging the necessary small talk I asked him why he was leaving the airport without a fare. I told him in my mind it seemed to be a great spot to wait for the next rider as there would always be people coming off a plane.

He laughed before sharing with me his thought on the subject. It struck me instantly as interesting and I made a mental note to throw a quick TL;DR about it. Here was what he told me.

He said, "Every day I wake up, I find a rider looking for a trip to the airport or some other equivalent distance away from my home. Then, instead of sitting and waiting for another fare in a single spot (like the airport). Then I start making my way home again. I don't move fast, and I certainly don't ignore riders. Instead, I've found my mood improves, my attitude is better and I'm generally happier because I'm always 'heading home'."

This driver had realized the excitement over "heading home" at the end of the day, could be a way to make his entire day feel better. He wasn't sitting stagnant in one location, he wasn't waiting for another rider. He was going home. And inevitably he'd pick up a fair, which would take hime someplace else. He'd complete their route and once again "head for home".

I thought there was something strangely positive in this thinking and approach and appreciated this rather unique way of focusing his mind on a positive result. It's all about direction, it's all about how you choose to see your future and how you get there. This positivity can be applied in other ways and areas of life too. What's your direction? Are you headed where you want to go?