As my evening winds down I am sitting here putting the finishing touches on a couple of talks I'm about to have the privilege of delivering at two different Brazilian Automation Days. This is an incredibly exciting couple of events for several reasons. First, in case you weren't aware of the power of the Brazilian community let me share just a couple of stats that point to the size and significance of this awesome group of Mauticians.

A Few Mautician Stats from Brazil

The Mautic community in Brazil is quite special to me, their support and their passion for Mautic has been immense from the very beginning and the earliest days of our community. I will never forget my amazement to discover the size and activity of this group. I had no idea more than 3,000 Mauticians were actively engaging and helping one another with their marketing automation and Mautic. And their growth has only increased. Mautic Brazil now has over 5,000 Mauticians! That's phenomenal. And perhaps even more phenomenal is that this group is ridiculously active and encouraging in their support for others.

In addition to holding the title as one of the largest Mautic communities the Brazil Mauticians are also highly active in contributing to the community as well. Some of these Mauticians have led efforts and teams within Mautic (e.g. our Mautic Docker container) which have furthered the global use of Mautic tremendously. Others have taken to contributing to the Mautic community blog to help educate about Mautic and marketing automation.

What's An Automation Day?

Now you may be wondering what an Automation Day is. Let me explain, Mauticamps are the ongoing monthly meetings of our local community groups (and there are dozens and dozens of these happening every month around the globe). But the Brazilian community recognized they'd like to do something a little greater. They wanted to bring together some outstanding speakers and spend more time together than what a standard Mauticamp might allow for. In short, they wanted to create something special.

We've decided to call this an Automation Day. Our goal is to promote Marketing Automation in all its facets and increase the usage and understanding of the Mautic software. But in addition, we have decided to spend a little bit of time talking about something else I believe is extremely exciting. We're expanding on the concept of an Automation Day to also include some time to discuss an open source CRM, Saelos, and how it contributes in the automation of the sales cycle.

My Talk Topic

As you might imagine based on the above paragraph, I am going to be talking on two topics in one session (talk about a lot to go over!) I am excited to share about the plans and process for Mautic 3 and how things are unfolding as we prepare for this massive undertaking. I am also excited to unveil and share the features and functionality of Saelos. What I really think is exciting is beginning to explore how these two separate platforms can integrate together to create a seamless automated experience.

Check back over the next few days as I'll be sharing more updates after each event along with my slides and pictures from this incredible community.