Let’s Be Legendary

Recently I spoke at JoomlaDay Chicago and delivered the closing keynote with the topic ‘Let’s Be Legendary’. I was hoping to inspire, motivate, and challenge first myself and also everyone else who had attended. I’ve embedded the slides below in case there are others interested. Obviously something is missing when it’s not heard but hopefully the concepts will still carry through.

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A Four Million Dollar Cooler & Potato Salad

I recently observed an incredible phenomenon. I watched as a small orange chest designed to keep cold things cold broke all types of fundraising records. Ironically at this same time a bowl of potato salad has also reached absurd support levels. Does this show of an underlying cultural shift? Where is the social good? Do we have the right focus in our lives and in our investments? What can we learn from these fundraisers and what does it tell us about our world values and priorities?

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