Quicker Decision Making

Everyone has to make decisions. Some of those decisions are big, life-altering types of choices. Some decisions are mini half-second opinions. Most of us make those micro decisions quickly and without much thought. But when it comes to the large decisions we hesitate. If we’re honest with ourselves sometimes we wait too long. It doesn’t really matter whether we know the right choice already, we still wait. Sometimes this comes from a fear of failure, but sometimes it comes simply because we don’t like the idea of change.

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Movement or Action

We all know people who are so busy they meet themselves coming as they are going. The frantic, fast-paced lifestyle tends to be a badge of honor amongst United States workers especially. If we’re ragged, worn, and constantly moving then we must be successful or at the very least critically important. But this great quote by Ernest Hemingway comes to mind frequently in those situations.

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