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May 5, 2014
A Personal Update

moving boxes

Many of you who know me personally know I’m incredibly busy with a number of ventures right now. For those who don’t I’ll give a quick personal update on some of the stuff going on.

It was with some hesitation that I began the process of moving our office into our new location. Why hesitation? Because this is the first office building we’re actually purchasing rather than just renting. The space is large and new, and once the dust settles I’ll probably post some pictures of it. It’s a fantastic opportunity which was pretty much dropped in my lap. I hadn’t really planned on moving or even been looking. But this particular location came by word of mouth from a friend. Long story short what began as a possible rental ended up being a purchase instead. After a bit of back and forth, the usual inspections and due diligence the papers were signed and I had keys in hand.

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks as we packed everything up from our old location and moved them to the new space. Thankfully they are not too far apart from each other and so the move time was minimal. However, we had painting, and new furniture to take care of before we could move in. I learned its important when placing furniture to pay attention to the layout. The company we hired came out and measured each space and provided mockups for what would work best in each office. It was very nice to not be relying on my own guesses but allow the pro’s to work.

We’re just now getting settled and beginning to adjust to work in the new office. I admit it was stressful, but a good experience and it’s exciting to feel like we’re a bit more established now. I’ve also been working hard on letting others do what they’re good at. I’m a dabbler. I love to learn and as such I love to be involved in other processes (like the furniture situation). But I’m learning a valuable lesson. Spend time wisely. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to know the process and being involved and learning, but at the end of the day, trust the team you have around you. Let them do their job.

The move didn’t just affect us internally though. It also affected our clients. We had to be clear with our clients what they could expect. And ask for them to be flexible with their schedules as we transitioned. I did my best to be open and transparent as I spoke with them and personally conveyed my appreciation for their understanding. I know we have great clients, but I think you’d be surprised how many people will be supportive if you are only honest with them about what you have going on. And of course there were times when I was sitting cross-legged in an empty office with nothing but a laptop on the floor so I could carry on a conference call. Because it’s not just the client that needs to be flexible.

Anyway, there’s a quick update and thought from my personal experiences recently. I’ll probably share some others in the future. I hope something I share helps you as you work through your own personal growth and development.