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joomla development 101 module view

July 24, 2014
Joomla Development 101: Tutorial 15 – View

We begin to close out our lecture series Joomla Development 101 with a focus on the view file of a module file. This is the final lesson dealing with unique portions of the Joomla module. We will move quickly through creating a view for your module and what should be included.

The view file is a standard required file / folder for a Joomla module contains all the code related to the visual display and output from a module. This should be the only location where code is written which will display things to the user.

Lesson 15: View Helper

Joomla Development 101: Lesson 15 from dbhurley on Vimeo.

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joomla development tutorial jd101

July 9, 2014
Joomla Development 101: Tutorial 13 – Module Base

In this Joomla development tutorial we write the base file of a Joomla module. Joomla module development is an excellent place to begin your Joomla development if you’re not comfortable with the intricacies of either plugin development or larger component development. You’ll learn the basics of the Joomla module base file in this lesson.

The base file is a PHP file located at the base of the Joomla module directory and is used as the entry point for the CMS when it includes the module. This file is simple to setup and contains relatively few lines of code. In this tutorial we will return to our sample module code and continue development.

Lesson 13: Module Base

Joomla Development 101: Lesson 13 from dbhurley on Vimeo.

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joomla development tutorial module XML

July 1, 2014
Joomla Development 101: Tutorial 12 – Module XML

Joomla Development tutorials continue to expand on the development of our first Joomla module. In this development tutorial we explore the Joomla module XML file and compare it to the plugin XML file we discussed in an earlier tutorial.

Joomla modules provide convenient ways to extend the functionality and purpose of our website by allowing additional content displays to compliment and extend the main content purpose of a page. This short tutorial focuses on the module XML file and the functions and usages for the structure used.

Lesson 11: Module XML

Joomla Development 101: Lesson 12 from dbhurley on Vimeo.

Associated Slides for JD101 Module XML

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joomla development 101 modules

June 23, 2014
Joomla Development 101: Tutorial 11 – Module Structure

Our Joomla development tutorial series continues with a brief look at modules. In this tutorial we will begin exploring the basic usage and functions controlled by a Joomla module.

Joomla modules provide convenient ways to extend the functionality and purpose of our website by allowing additional content displays to compliment and extend the main content purpose of a page. These modules are common to most CMS systems and Joomla provides a robust structure for these modules to be displayed and implemented. This lesson focuses on basic module usage and some of the functions typically handled within a module.

Lesson 11: Module Structure and Functions

Joomla Development 101: Lesson 11 from dbhurley on Vimeo.

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joomla development tutorial plugin triggers

June 17, 2014
Joomla Development 101: Tutorial 10 – Plugin Triggers

This short Joomla development tutorial focuses on the various triggers and other implementations for your newly created Joomla plugin. We will also briefly discuss language files and some other clean-up items.

We end our Joomla plugin development with a look at triggers and how they function within Joomla. We also create the language strings for the installer and administrator pages. I hope these lessons have been helpful in learning more about the Joomla development process in particular creating a plugin. The next set of lessons will be focused on creating a module.

Lesson 10: Plugin Triggers and Implementations

Joomla Development 101: Lesson 10 from dbhurley on Vimeo.

Associated Slides for JD101 Plugin Triggers

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joomla development tutorial plugin

June 11, 2014
Joomla Development 101: Tutorial 9 – Helper PHP

We begin to wrap up our Joomla plugin development portion of our Joomla development tutorial series and start focusing on modules next. In this plugin development post we’ll look at the helper file which can optionally be included with a plugin package.

Please keep in mind that this file is an optional file and can be left out if you wish. I would recommend still including it for ease of use and increasing your codes readability however you are not required to use a helper file.

Lesson 9: Helper PHP

Joomla Development 101: Lesson 9 from dbhurley on Vimeo.

Associated Slides for JD101 Helper PHP

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Quote Paine Obtain Joomla Investment

June 8, 2014
Joomla: Your Next Investment

For those who were unable to attend J And Beyond this year in Königstein, Germany I have written a post in regards to the talk I delivered as the closing keynote.  If you were unable to attend I hope you’ll take a moment to read the below talk and stop to think about where your time is being spent.

My topic focuses on looking forward. The focus for this year’s J And Beyond has been Investing in Our Future. A great slogan and I think one which has been well represented in these past three days. The concept of investing typically carries with it the idea of continuing to do so. Most investments are not something done once and only once. This means the very act of investing in our future should be continued. We simply can’t end this event, return to our various homes and businesses, and forget what we’ve learned and accomplished here. So, I’d like to help you keep thinking about investing and keeping this passion alive and the easiest way to do that will be with baby steps. I’d like to think with you about your next investment.

Learning from Paine.

I know, I know you’re immediately thinking I’ve typo’ed on my title. What a brilliant way to begin a topic. But it’s not a typo. It is, however, a play on words. Learning is hard, sometimes even painful. But in this instance I refer more to the idea of learning from history. Specifically an important figure in American history (and other countries as well). His name is Thomas Paine. Here’s a quick quote of his to get us started.

“Tis not in numbers but in unity that our great strength lies.”
Common Sense 1776

There are so many great things I could say on that quote but I won’t get into it. Don’t tempt me – it’s a separate topic all together!

The Early Years

I’d like to take you on a brief trip back through the life of this incredible individual and explore a bit about some of the things he accomplished. Thomas was born in England in the early 1700s. And he really didn’t grow up in a wealthy family. His father worked as a corset maker and Thomas apprenticed with him for a good while. He was able to attend Thetford Grammar School and received some formal education then.

He began working at an early age and he has an incredibly diverse work experience and background. Need an example? After being a master corset maker he became a legalized pirate. Yep, that’s pretty much extreme opposites! Granted he wasn’t a pirate for long and soon returned to England to setup his own small business (as a corset maker). Along the way he also worked as a goods inspector, and then in time became a school teacher. He held a number of very different positions and had incredible business experiences along the way. He was very much a small business type of guy and you can easily see how he began dabbling in politics and government processes early on.


During this time he also married, and sadly, lost both wife and his first child during the birth. If any of you have families I’m sure you can understand the immense amount of heartache this would cause. Not only did he experience personal loss but during his various jobs along the way he experienced setbacks, hardships, and failures. He lost several jobs, went bankrupt in his business, and was even fired from several of his government jobs.

If we jump ahead to a bit later in his life we’ll see even more hardships and trials, even at his funeral only six people were present. He was controversial to say the least! Let’s look at some of the influences and the work he created.

Influences and Work

Thomas was extremely interested in politics and religion (I guess that explains why he may have been so controversial).  He was influenced by a number of other powerful individuals including Voltaire, Benjamin Franklin, and John Locke. Each of these played an important role which can be seen in his writing and ideology.

Voltaire was a versatile writer, producing works in almost every literary form, including plays, poems, novels, essays, and historical and scientific works. He wrote more than 20,000 letters and more than 2,000 books and pamphlets. He was an outspoken advocate, despite the risk this placed him in under the strict censorship laws of the time.

Franklin was a leading author, printer, political theorist, politician, postmaster, scientist, inventor, civic activist, statesman, and diplomat. He outlined and practiced many practical values of thrift, hard work, education, community spirit, self-governing institutions, and opposition to authoritarianism both political and religious.

Locke was an English philosopher and physician regarded as one of the most influential ofEnlightenment thinkers and known as the “Father of Classical Liberalism”. Lock was quite important to social contract theory.

We can easily see how each of these men provided some influence on his thinking and writing. Next let’s look for a bit at some of the works created by Thomas.

Common Sense

First, He wrote a pamphlet entitled Common Sense which he published and immediately it took off with over 100,000 copies being sold within the first 3 months. This pamphlet covered very few new ideas but involved a very new means of political writing to make complex ideas easy to understand. This was his first well-known public work and was the best selling American title of the period.

The American Crisis

His second very well-known work was published shortly after the first. The American Crisis was a pamphlet series designed to inspire Americans in battle. This pamphlet however has done much more and provides a number of very moving statements and quotes which have been used by many throughout the years. Contrary to the title, much of what Thomas shared is applicable to all types of environments and times. I would like to draw one particular quote out as the theme for my talk and as the central theme for what we do here.

Our Central Theme

“What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly:
it is dearness only that gives every thing its value.”

Let’s Talk Joomla

So, let’s talk Joomla. I mean that’s what we all love here anyway right? Right? Yes, we all love Joomla. We’re working together, we’re coming together as a whole. We’ve formed a community, a family around a common set of goals and ideals and a common vision. Let’s take a minute and review a brief timeline of what we’ve been able to accomplish.

We’ve seen the launch of a new idea, an innovative and ground-breaking CMS, roughly 2005. We’ve had successful launches with Joomla 1.5 released in 2008 and 2.5 released in 2011. We continued a trend of launching new ideas with our Joomla 3 series and in 2013 we successfully pushed Joomla 3.2 – and now here we are in 2014 with some really great ideas on the horizon.

Some Stats

Now as much as I’d like to stop and look ahead at what the future holds and what  we are set to take on next. It’s exciting and I would love to share even more. Joomla is set to change the world. I must leave it at that. I really can’t go any further. So let’s return and look at some numbers (yah, numbers!)

47,320, that’s a whole lot of days (or maybe it was mostly nights). Let’s look for some smaller numbers, smaller is always easier to understand. Here’s one 6,760. That’s a bit smaller but that’s still a lot of weeks and a big number to understand. So let’s go smaller, 1,560. Ok now were’ getting some where, 1,560 is a small enough number most can easily relate it to something else, but if I say months it again becomes a hard number to quantify. So we’ll go one more. 130. Read that again, 130. That’s years. 130 years, that time period is older than most people reading this. (Yes, I admit I’m assuming on a few of you.)

130 years is a long time. But that’s how much time the popular site Ohloh suggests would be required to recreate the Joomla CMS. Based on lines of code, and a variety of other factors they have come to the conclusion it would require 130 man-years to create what has been done. You know what that says to me? It says a lot of time has been spent on Joomla.

A significant amount of time has been spent by voluntary, passionate contributors to this community and to the mission and vision we hold so dear. But I wonder – is this really time spent? or is it something else. I would suggest this is not time spent but rather time invested. Yes, we have invested our time and our energy into this community and into this project. We hold Joomla very close to our hearts and very dear to us.

Obtained Too Cheap?

What does this mean? If we return to the quote we’re focusing on I’d like to ask a question. Has Joomla been obtained too cheap? Based on the numbers, the figures, we’ve just reviewed, understanding the heart and soul of this community which we have all dedicated such tremendous time to and so many of us hold incredibly close to our hearts. There can be no other answer. Absolutely not.

We hold Joomla in the highest esteem. We believe in our community, in each other, in the purpose and goals and vision of this family. We do not esteem Joomla lightly because we have not obtained it cheaply. And more than just esteem, we hold Joomla dear to us. We love Joomla and we believe in Joomla. And as a result of that immense belief Joomla is given value. Incredible value. Dare I say value beyond measure? The value is tremendous.

What Does This Mean For You?

So what does this mean for you. Well, let me go quickly through the points we’ve discussed. You would agree Joomla is valuable, it’s held dear by a global community, an incredibly large family and clearly it has been given value. Secondly you agree Joomla is esteemed. Joomla has not been obtained cheaply. 130 years of effort given freely to this vision, that time is not cheap and as a result Joomla is esteemed highly. Thirdly, I think you could agree easily that Joomla has shown its stability through the many successful years it has existed and improved. Now I’m not saying it’s perfect, there’s always room for improvement. But we’ve seen many things come and go in the time that Joomla has continued to endure and grow.

Three Proven Facts

Those are three easy points we can all agree on. So here’s why this matters to you. Joomla is a good investment. Everyone is always looking for a good investment. We all want to invest our time, our talents, our resources in a “sure thing”. I believe we’ve seen Joomla to be a pretty sure thing. A great investment and a wonderful opportunity to do what so many others have already done. Invest in something bigger than themselves. Invest in something worthwhile and worth your time.

So – how is your time spent currently? Here’s a few possibilities. Television, internet, sports, family, parties, work, sleeping, eating, and vacations. Now some of these are very valid uses of your time. They are investments not expenses. But perhaps others are expenses. Which of these could you do less of? What can you do to invest in something bigger than yourself?

I’ve spoken and shared dozens of times (maybe even more) about ways to be involved in Joomla. I won’t attempt to tell you what your next investment should be specifically other than one important point.

You absolutely, positively, 100% should make your next investment Joomla.

joomla development tutorial plugin

June 3, 2014
Joomla Development 101: Tutorial 8 – Main PHP

Our Joomla development tutorial series continues with this development tutorial focusing on the main PHP file which handles the initial input processing and triggers from the CMS. We’ll look briefly at what this file is used for and how to effectively implement plugin triggers.

Joomla plugins function on specific triggers located throughout the CMS. These triggers then fire specific functions within the plugins and allow the plugins to manipulate the data. The list of triggers is long and can be found in the Joomla documentation. This lesson focuses on identifying which triggers to use, when to use them, and how to make those triggers perform specific functions within your plugin.

Lesson 8: Main PHP

Joomla Development 101: Lesson 8 from dbhurley on Vimeo.

Associated Slides for JD101 Main PHP

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joomla development tutorial plugin xml

May 28, 2014
Joomla Development 101: Tutorial 7 – Plugin XML

In this Joomla development tutorial we are digging deeper into development of our first Joomla plugin. This tutorial focuses specifically on the XML file which must accompany every plugin.

Joomla extensions all require an XML file to be included in the zipped package. This XML defines basic details of the extension and tells the CMS what to install, where to install it and what parameters to include. The XML file is a critical part of the extension and there are many options to learn and understand. We will cover some of them but not every single configuration. I recommend reviewing the Joomla docs for specifics on any particular function.

Lesson 7: Plugin XML

Joomla Development 101: Lesson 7 from dbhurley on Vimeo.

Associated Slides for JD101 Plugin XML

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joomla development tutorial plugin start

May 26, 2014
Joomla Development 101: Tutorial 6 – Starting Plugin

In this Joomla development tutorial we are moving beyond the basics and background information and starting to focus on actually starting code. We will begin with creating a Joomla plugin. This tutorial will begin the plugin development.

Joomla development can start in a number of places. For ease of understanding, and based on the previous lessons, we will begin our coding portion with a plugin. The Joomla plugin will allow us to get familiar with code style, functions, and database queries before digging deeper into modules and components.

Lesson 6: Starting a Plugin

Joomla Development 101: Lesson 6 from dbhurley on Vimeo.

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May 18, 2014
Joomla Framework Talk

If you find yourself wondering what the Joomla! Framework is or how to use it. This talk I gave in Prague several months ago offers some of the history of how the Joomla Framework came to exist.

I give talks on the Joomla Framework frequently at a variety of events and venus around the world, so you can look through my other talks and find other sessions on the topic of the Joomla Framework with a very different focus. There are an endless number of possibilities of things you can create with the Joomla Framework.

JoomlaDay Prague 2014

Slides from the talk

joomla development testing process lesson

May 17, 2014
Joomla Development 101: Lesson 4 – Testing

This lesson continues to build the foundation for your Joomla development environment. Here we will establish some background information on testing processes, types, uses, and reasons.

Testing code is a topic which every developer acknowledges the importance of, but in reality few actually perform. The time spent developing proper test coverage for your application is critical to your overall success. And although it may seem time-consuming and difficult (maybe even redundant) these tests could one day save you hundreds of hours of bug hunting and fixing.

Lesson 4: Testing Your Code

Joomla Development 101: Lesson 4 – Testing Methods from dbhurley on Vimeo.

Accompanying Slides for JD101: Lesson 4

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joomla development 101 version and backup

May 14, 2014
Joomla Development 101: Lesson 3 – Versioning Tutorial

Our Joomla Developer series continues with setting up the ideal environment to create beautiful Joomla CMS code.

In this short video we’ll continue our setup process for organizing our work environment in order to create beautiful code. It should be noted that the best way to write good code and structure things properly involves establishing the right foundation.

Lesson 3: Code Versioning and Backups

Joomla Development 101: Lesson 3 from dbhurley on Vimeo.

Accompanying Slides for JD101: Lesson 3

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joomla dev tutorial lesson 2

May 12, 2014
Joomla Development 101: Lesson 2 – Set Up Dev Tutorial

We focus on the development environment in this second lesson of Joomla Development 101. I will share tools I’ve found to be useful and currently use.

Please keep in mind these are tools which I have found to be good for my workflow. You may prefer others and that is perfectly acceptable. The important thing is to find those programs which work best for you

Lesson 2: Setting Up Your Development Environment

Joomla Development 101: Lesson 2 from dbhurley on Vimeo.

Accompanying Slides for JD101: Lesson 2

joomla development getting started

May 10, 2014
Joomla Development Tutorial Series

Introduction to Joomla Development. This Joomla development tutorial short video serves only to introduce the course and the material to be covered in future videos. We’ll start easy.

Below is the initial video for a series I’ve begun on Joomla CMS third party development. Depending on the interest I receive I’m going to continue demonstrating how to develop code for the Joomla CMS. I’ve decided to start with plugins, then modules, and finally a component.

I can’t stress enough, if you like these – I need to know. Otherwise I will assume everyone is already an expert and there’s no need to continue the series!

This video is very short and only serves as course introduction.

Joomla Development 101: Introduction

Joomla Development 101: Lesson 1 from dbhurley on Vimeo.

Associated Slides

get rich quick joomla not money

February 22, 2014
Get Rich Quick With Joomla!

This is a talk I gave recently at a JoomlaDay in Boston, Massachusetts. I think it is important to view the entire presentation before making any judgements!

Get Rich Quick Slides

November 22, 2013
Bringing Back The Mullet

Here’s the slide deck and the associated video for a fun talk I gave at the Joomla World Conference 2013. 

And below is the video of the talk, though I admit I hate hearing myself speak!

September 24, 2013
The Future of Joomla

This is the slide deck for a presentation given at JoomlaDay France 2013. The topic was the future release of the Joomla content management system. 

September 21, 2013
Joomla! and You

The following presentation was given at JoomlaDay North Carolina 2013. The focus was demonstrating how easy it is to get involved in the Joomla! project and the many opportunities available

September 13, 2013
Joomla!, The Future, and You

This presentation was given at Joomladagen Netherlands 2013. Below are the slides.

May 22, 2013
Radical Joomla! Ideas

Below are the few, simple slides used to present radical ideas at J&Beyond 2013 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

April 26, 2013
Responsive Templates in Joomla!

This is the slide deck for a talk given at JoomlaDay Guatemala 2013.