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June 26, 2014
Every Day Is A New Day

Today is special. Today is unlike any day before and will be unlike any day yet to come. It’s exciting to think about what the day may hold and it’s exciting to lay out plans for what is to come. Remember, whatever happened yesterday is behind you. Today is full of new opportunities to do great things. Every day is a new day.

Here are ten things to remember as you start this new day. Ten things to help motivate you as you begin your day and encourage you as you accomplish all you hope to do.

Today you can start fresh

I said it earlier, but today is a new day – this means you can make it whatever you want it to be. You don’t have to start the day overwhelmed with the failures of yesterday. It’s a clean slate and a fresh start. You can make today different. You can start fresh.

Today you can be encouraged

Once you’ve enjoyed a cup of coffee (or two) remember that today is a good day to be encouraged. This is linked closely to starting fresh. You can be encouraged in the fact that you have an entire day ahead of you to fill with excitement and opportunities. Today  you can be encouraged by your surroundings, by your friends, and by your accomplishments.

Today you can share joy

Too often its easy to only share the frustration and the disappointments. I’ve often heard for every one happy review or positive piece of feedback you receive there are actually a dozen other happy clients. Human nature seems to be more prone to sharing negative experiences instead of positive ones. Today you can share joy. Deep-seated happiness is infectious and you can give that joy today to someone you know.

Today you can help someone

Today is an opportunity for you to share something you know with someone else. It takes an effort on your part to be thoughtful and to seek out someone you can help. Do it. Make the effort because you will be rewarded as well. You never know what your knowledge and assistance can mean to someone. Seek out someone you can help today. Offer a helping hand to someone in need.

Today you can learn something new

Here’s the flip-side to sharing what you know and offering help. Be willing to listen to others and to learn. Today is a day filled with chances to learn. Don’t be too consumed with your own importance to neglect the opportunity to learn. Every single day you can learn something new. Be thoughtful, be observant, be humble. Learn something new today.

Today you can smile

Smiling is an opportunity to receive a gift while you give one. As you smile you will encourage someone to return the smile. You can both be a blessing and be blessed. Look for someone in need of a friend, in need of encouragement, in need of a smile. Today you can smile. It’s free, it’s easy, and you can give a smile over and over. Don’t stop with a single person. Give smiles to everyone you can.

Today you can breathe deeply

Life is incredibly fast-paced. Every day I think we move faster than we did before. Today you can breathe deeply. It only takes a minute to fill your lungs fully, pause for a second, and exhale slowly. Today is a wonderful time to focus on what really matters. You can improve your health, improve your outlook, and improve your life with only a few deep breaths each day.

Today you can meditate

Sometimes, some days, breathing deeply is a great start to something more. Today is an opportunity to quiet your mind, slow down, and meditate. Find a quiet spot, somewhere without the vibration of your phone or the myriad of update notification sounds which stream from your computer. Close your eyes, clear your mind, and meditate. Today you can meditate.

Today you can do something

You have a day of choices ahead of you. The opportunity to fill your hours with something meaningful. The page has already been filled for yesterday, today is a blank page waiting to be written. Make a list of doable tasks. Set some goals. Then get to work. Get those tasks crossed off one at a time. Today is a day you can get things done.

Today you can make a memory

You can make today special. You have time to engage with other people. To share a laugh with a friend, and to encourage someone else. You have the chance to make a memory which will remain with you forever. Today can be a day you will never forget. Spend your time wisely. Make memories you’ll never want to forget.


I know this is different than most of my normal blog posts, but it’s important that we sometimes take the time to encourage each other. Today is a day we should enjoy and make the most of every minute. Don’t live with regret, discouragement or disappointment. Today is fresh and new and together we can make it special.

I hope you have a wonderful day!