6 Ways Leaders Work

I’ve had opportunity to see a wide variety of leadership styles in the various open source communities and business environments I’ve joined. It’s interesting to watch how different leaders work and how they function. Each seem to have a slightly different opinion of what makes a strong leader and what character qualities are most desirable.

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The Forgotten 20 Year Plan: Part 1

I see lots of talk about the 5 year plan for startups. It’s a popular topic and one which is almost always requested when pitching to investors. A five year plan outlines your strategy, your target market and your ability to grow. Interestingly enough once a business either comes close to, or passes the five-year mark the next milestone that begins to get talked about is the 100 year plan. That’s a huge jump. There must be some spot in between which is important to also follow. Yes I know some companies will already be familiar with this. But for the sake of definition I will call this the 20 year plan.

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7 Tips For Better Content Marketing

More and more these days I hear of marketing agencies focusing on a “new” form of marketing. The current buzz word? Content Marketing. I’m pretty sure anyone working in marketing for any length of time is well aware of the long and enduring importance of content marketing. This is by no means a new concept to marketing. However, as this has gained greater support I’d like to share 7 tips to help you make sure your content marketing strategy is done right.

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Embracing Failures

Too often as small business owners we are terrified of failure. Fear is a powerful motivator but it’s not always an appropriate one. We tend to live constantly in fear of failure as though a failure would somehow define us and characterize our lives. We find ourselves judging our usefulness and our self-worth by our successes. We all need to learn a bit more how to embrace failures. Continue reading Embracing Failures

Thunder and Water: On Naming Your Business

Thunder and Water are two primal forces found in nature. They each contain a descriptive and vivid imagery which I would imagine immediately brings to mind some specific scene or instance when you experienced one of the two. Words are powerful. And because you can convey so much through word choices you should be selective and thoughtful when naming your business.

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The Beauty of Standardization

I could of course have just as easily written standardisation (to please the other half). The concept in question is not necessarily related to a particular language but rather to the idea of keeping everything looking the same. There is a certain beauty in organization and standardizing items. How does this standardization help make open source better?

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Look For An Executioner (to get things done)

Ideas are overrated. I’ve heard it said recently ideas are valueless…until they are made a reality. The role everyone is looking to find is the executioner. The person who can execute a good idea and make it real. The person who can get things done. This role is vital to your business success and the successful launch of your product.

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4 Reasons You Should Create Killer Content

Of course everyone wants to have a great website with killer content. Well, maybe I should rephrase that slightly. Everyone understands they simply must have a website in today’s world. The power of the internet to reach customers has become a well-known fact and every business wants to capture new customers. Many of these sites face the same problem eventually. How do they keep their website fresh and keep traffic coming?

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Putting Imagination To Work

I’m always amazed to hear the things my kids say. It doesn’t matter where we are or what we’re doing they will say the “craziest” things. I usually laugh about it and move on. The other day though it hit me. Somewhere along the way most adults lose the imagination they had when they were kids. This is sad because I believe imagination can be one of the most powerful abilities to have in life…and in business.

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