We all have a good laugh at watching Donald Trump and his now famous line, ‘You’re fired!’ when he decrees someone on his reality show unworthy of continuing. But I think part of the appeal is the simple fact that confrontation like this is difficult. The stress and anxiety which accompanies it is hard to handle and most people (I’m sure there are some that would disagree) do not enjoy being the ‘bad guy’.

The Outsider
It’s a relief to watch someone else do what we don’t enjoy doing. It’s fun to see it happen. It can also be a learning experience. Watch the outcome of what happens. Sure, there are hurt feelings and frustrations and perhaps even some anger. But what is the overall end result? Improvement. A better solution for both the company AND the fired individual. Obviously things were not working out and neither the company nor the employee were happy. 

The Employee
Do we like to be told when we’re not fitting somewhere? No. But we know deep down inside we’re not happy with the situation. It is very difficult to admit personal shortcomings and failures. It goes against human nature and our desire to succeed and be perceived as successful. So we suck it up and try to ‘suffer through’ a situation that is not healthy. But this does not lead to better productivity or better work. Things continue and more than likely grow worse. It’s unhealthy. 

The Boss
It’s not fun to have to be the one to tell someone they do not fit in. It’s difficult to look someone in the eye and tell them they are not doing what is necessary. We see a person standing there, an individual with feelings and stresses and concerns and the last thing that we want is to be the one that has to let them know they are not meeting expectations. It’s not fun. So we suck it up sometimes. We ‘suffer through’ and except mediocre work and poor performance. We hope that it’s going to ‘get better in time’. The truth is, it hardly ever does. 

The Winner
Who’s the true winner in this situation? To be honest, those in leadership who are willing to make the hard decisions, who are willing to look someone in the eye and do what needs to be done. But they are not the only winner. The employee who acknowledges the situation accepts the outcome. They win too. Because their quality of life will increase. So it might be hard, but it might be necessary. Do the hard things.