Your Experiences are Worthless

We all have things happen in our lives which affect our outlook. We have interactions with family, with friends, with clients, with employees. All of these experiences make up our past. They make up what we know and understand about life. But without a few important things those experiences are worthless. We have an opportunity. We have the power to improve our lives and our businesses. And we have the option to make our experiences count for something or to be worthless.

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Stretch Yourself

No, I don’t mean physically stretch (though that’s important also!) I mean mentally, personally, internally stretch yourself. Life can be easy at times. Following the same routine and the same day-to-day activities and performing the same job with consistency can be easy. Easy in the sense that you get comfortable with the schedule. You will find yourself beginning to relax a bit in the every day. Sure, maybe you shake things up by eating dinner a bit later on Friday night or you order something slightly different from that little lunch place you visit every Wednesday. These are minor little differences in an otherwise same routine.

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Why I Love Open Source (Reason 2)

I previously blogged about the first reason why I love open source. You can read that post here. This is the second in the WILOS (Why I Love Open Source) series. It’s difficult to come up with just one reason to focus on at at time and maybe that’s why my posts on the topic come so far apart. But I have narrowed down my second reason why I love open source and I’ve listed it below along with my reasoning. Please keep in mind these are in no particular order and I hope you’ll agree with each of these reasons.

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A Monday Morning Question

I’ll be sharing some technical posts later this week so I decided I’d make my Monday morning post a bit different. I’d like to make an observation and leave you with a question. This is a rhetorical question – not something I need to know the answer to or even want to know the answer. This is your opportunity in the quiet of your own mind to evaluate where you are and how you would truthfully answer this question for yourself. Grab a cup of coffee and take a moment.

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Movement or Action

We all know people who are so busy they meet themselves coming as they are going. The frantic, fast-paced lifestyle tends to be a badge of honor amongst United States workers especially. If we’re ragged, worn, and constantly moving then we must be successful or at the very least critically important. But this great quote by Ernest Hemingway comes to mind frequently in those situations.

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The Importance of an Organized Desk

If there’s one thing I wish I could maintain better its my desktop. No, not my virtual desktop on my computer, that one is, in fact, surprisingly sparse. In fact at this very moment there are exactly zero items on my laptop desktop. I find it much easier to keep this space uncluttered then the one which lives in my physical world. This got me wondering if an organized desk is actually important.
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The Danger of Assumptions

Assumptions can be a very dangerous thing. They can be exceptionally harmful in an open source community. Of course its not always intentional to be assuming something about someone or a situation. In fact I imagine, to some extent, human nature causes us to make assumptions based on the knowledge we have on hand. Unfortunately, more often than not, those assumptions are false. And the resulting feelings, emotions, and actions which are taken as a result of those assumptions can harm the community.

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10 Tips to Get Things Done

This post is gold. I doubt many people would admit that however. More people would consider it to be similar to a visit to the dentist when you have a terrible toothache.  You know you have to go but you dread going because you know what lies ahead. The problem is not that we don’t know the ways to get things done, but that we don’t want to have to implement those things.

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Charlie Chaplin Speech

I wanted to share something different today. I found this speech given by Charlie Chaplin a while ago and wanted to use it in one of my speaking opportunities but as I have yet to find the right fit I thought I might share it here for everyone. Even though this was part of a movie  I think we can feel the reality and intensity of these words echoing from the actor himself. The year was 1940.  I encourage you to listen this Charlie Chaplin speech and read the powerful words being spoken. Then let us unite, let us feel more, let us free the world.

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